Patent to Product Mapping Venture Seeking Technical Cofounder


There are millions of active utility patents in the United States. There is some large number of products under the purview and reach of the U.S. patent system. Currently, matching patents to products that they cover is manually and tediously performed by experts and only worthwhile if the match is already suspected. Certain immutable features of the patent system make current off-the-shelf methodologies (i.e. keyword searches) incapable of solving this problem. If an automated solution is developed, very significant and lucrative applications become possible. Recent advances in database design, meaning extraction, and product cataloging provide us with the tools to make this happen.


I am building a universal patents-to-products mapping tool. There may be several ways to tackle this problem but it will likely require an ontology system and several machine learning solutions. I already have experience and access to some technologies that bring us closer to this solution, but we will need to build the final bridge between patents and products and bring all of the pieces together.

What I have

·         Business/Entrepreneurial education and experience (Kelley degree in Entrepreneurship, Founder/CEO of a another startup)

·         Analytic education and experience(Kelley degree in Economic Consulting, Senior Analyst position at a law firm)

·         Background in patent law, legal-tech, and data applications

·         Significant connections in the patent law and legal-tech communities

·         Some experience in developing applications utilizing data products, data visualization, and modest machine learning experience

·         Ability to raise capital provided that I have the right pieces in place:

o   Technical Cofounder (You)

o   Business Plan/Pitch

o   Patent Protection (in progress)

o   Access to data inputs (complete)

What I need

I need a technical cofounder who can:

1.       Provide bona fide Machine Learning and/or Informatics credentials and ability. I need to convince investors that we can develop a technical solution to this problem.

2.       Grow into a CTO role. If you don't want to do database admin work (or other tasks beneath your pay grade) you'd better help me find someone who will, and who you can work closely with.

3.       Get interested in this problem. I don't expect you to have a background in Semantics but you will need to develop understanding of certain fields (Cognitive Linguistics, Semantics, Semiotics, Ontologies, etc.) so that we can tackle this problem. I am currently strengthening my connections with experts in these fields and developing skills in these areas myself, so you won't be alone in this endeavor.

The Pitch

You agree to let me use your name and information as a technical cofounder while I pitch this idea to investors. You agree to work full time on this venture if I raise a threshold level of capital (let's say $1 million raised). If we get funding, you get some reasonable salary in accordance with your market value, stock options, etc. If we don't get funding you go join Google or do whatever else you were planning on doing. I would like you to help out part-time until we raise funding. Specifically, I'd like to create a small proof-of-concept program to show investors. I'm also currently writing a patent for the idea. I'd like you to contribute to the patent (yes, this will make you a published inventor).


Finding cofounder is a difficult process. I understand that people with data science skills are in high demand right now. I can't offer the immediate prestige or even the expansive snack bar that comes along with a job at Google, Amazon, or IBM. However, I can offer you the opportunity to work on an interesting problem and the freedom to build a team that suits your needs, with my full support and assistance. From my experience I can assure you that there is considerable money to be made in solving this problem. I can explain the various marketable applications if you are interested. I can offer a lot of flexibility in how independent you want to be, what software you want to use, where you want to live, etc.  If you really want to shape your own destiny and can devote yourself to this problem then this might be a good opportunity for you.

If you think you might be a good fit for this venture or would like to know more, reach out to me at:

Shoemaker Scholars