Seeking Technical Student for the Development of a Review-based Web Platform


We are looking for a Computer Science Major that has a strong understanding of WordPress, is fluent in JavaScript and HTML, and is seeking an opportunity at a start-up company. 

Who we are

We are two IU students that hope to make a simpler, user-friendly, data driven website like Glassdoor. Like Glassdoor, we want our website to allow individuals to post anonymous reviews, while also restricting who has access to the website. 

What we believe

We believe that there is ample opportunity for candid review platforms. We feel strongly that we have a business model that is attractive to many, sustainable, and unique to the industry. 


If you are an ambitious IU student that is capable of designing an intricate review-based web-platform like Glassdoor, we would love to talk with you! Please reach out to with the following information: 

·  Attached Resume

·  Capabilities with Html, JavaScript, and WordPress

·  A few brief sentences as to why you want to be a part of a start-up

·  Your availability for work this semester and in the summer    

Shoemaker Scholars