Michael Kokot

Year: Senior

Email address: mkokot@indiana.edu

Major: Economic Consulting

Hobbies/interests: Programming, building businesses, snowboarding, drumming, hiking, watching netflix, reading Game of Thrones

Experience: Accenture Digital, casecomps.com, building various websites for organizations to solve fundamental problems, intern at Indianapolis startup Geofeedia

Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, School of Informatics research, business presentations and analyses classes peer coach, Shoemaker Scholars

If I could do anything, I would travel the world forever.

Greatest role model: Marcy Kokot, my mother, for starting a realestate business while working as a full time teacher & mother

Reach out to me about… how to blend passions in both business and technology, artificial intelligence, how to code, where to start with technology, how to develop a web application