connEr mahoney

Year: Senior

Email address:

Major: Informatics

Hobbies/interests: Exercise, reading, tv/movies, technology, sales, and data.

Experience: The bulk of my professional experience stems from sales related jobs in the automotive and software industries. Throughout my career at IU I have been involved in multiple entrepreneurship related clubs and organizations. You'll currently find me building an iOS app for an Indy based festival and searching for exciting, post-grad opportunities.

Campus Involvement: President - SoIC Social Media Team

If I could do anything, I would… travel the world and start a business I'm passionate about!

Greatest role model: Public Figure - Mark Cuban or The Sheriff aka Peyton Manning. Personally - My father

Reach out to me about… finding helpful resources around campus, sales questions/advice, social media marketing, and help with anything related to the School of Informatics and Computing